On Feb 1st, SecureCare Technologies, Inc. became Scrypt, Inc. Same great people striving everyday for elegance.

Based in Austin, TX, we solve compliance challenges by developing elegant productivity tools for desktop, web, API and mobile that save time and money. Sfax cloud faxing is one of ours.  Not to boast but we’ve been told we’re ‘great to work with’.

About Scrypt

Formerly SecureCare Technologies

Since 1998, we have been creating subscription-based products and services that digitize, process and store sensitive information to eliminate manual process and paper. In the last 5 years, the company has been reinvigorated and now has tens of thousands of customers across all 50 states in the USA.

Our largest market is healthcare – from single physicians to large hospital groups and everything in between. We are rapidly gaining customers across education, legal, insurance and government who are concerned about protecting sensitive information and data.

Scrypt, making documents work. We’re hiring so check out our jobs board.


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We are very excited to announce that our company name has changed from SecureCare Technologies, Inc. to Scrypt, Inc. This name change marks the first step in a period of growth in this company as we prepare to launch some very exciting new product offerings later this year. “This change symbolizes a lot of great […]

Today, Austin-based SecureCare Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of the new mobile app version of its secure cloud fax service, Sfax. The free app, available on iOS and Android devices, allows its customers to manage their faxes ‘on the go’. Sfax for Mobile allows users to securely send, receive and manage faxes from their […]

SecureCare have been creating products and services since 1998 that digitize, process and store sensitive information to eliminate manual process and paper. In celebration of our 15th corporate anniversary on June 2nd, we had two special offers on Sfax, our cloud faxing solution. These offers have now expired so have been removed. These offers were […]

Our third generation of Sfax, our secure faxing solution, maintains the essential benefits that keep faxing relevant but removes the pain associated with manual faxing and fax servers by bringing it to the cloud.

For industries and organizations that continue to rely on fax for business critical documents – Sfax v3 is faster, more efficient and offers easier workflow management for teams to get their job done. Experience genuine control, uncompromising security, great flexibility, transparent fees, (tiny) use of email, HIPAA compliance and superior performance – all backed by human support. Sfax, cloud faxing that works.

Helping customers every day

We support individuals, mid-sized businesses, enterprises and a growing number great software companies that handle sensitive or critical information.

We help more than 20,000 customers across all 50 states in the US who pay us by subscriptions from $100 a year to thousands of dollars every month. For every one, we offer the same powerful product and work tirelessly every day to deliver long-term value.


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