Celebrate our 15th anniversary and save money

Posted: May 14, 2013
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SecureCare have been creating products and services since 1998 that digitize, process and store sensitive information to eliminate manual process and paper.

In celebration of our 15th corporate anniversary on June 2nd, we had two special offers on Sfax, our cloud faxing solution. These offers have now expired so have been removed.

These offers were available for new customers and existing customers that upgraded their monthly plan or decided to switch to an annual plan.

Aleks Szymanski, CEO of SecureCare comments: “We are all very proud to have reached our 15 year anniversary. We are a vibrant company with passionate, energetic and professional team that is
strongly positioned for the years ahead. We launched Sfax v3 in mid-March to great acclaim – and continue to make improvements – and are about to launch the mobile versions of Sfax for iOS and Android.

That is only the start. We are flat out developing great new products that improve document workflow and productivity for our customers.”