More features released

Posted: Oct 21, 2013
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We’ve pushed out yet more features for Sfax this weekend. Love to hear your thoughts. Here’s the highlights:

Print confirmation

We’ve had tons of people ask for compliance reason to have the ability to print a fax confirmation like ‘old school’ fax machines would do. Your wish is our command. Simply go to the Information (i) screen and click ‘Print’ from there. You can do this for either ‘sent’ faxes or ones you have ‘received’. Up pops a simple fax confirmation page to print. easy.

Resending faxes

Resending faxes was a big request. You can resend from either the ‘sent’ folder or ‘failed’ folder. Select a single fax or multiple faxes and then click the (new) ‘Resend’ icon. Up pops a summary screen and showing the number of faxes we are able to resend. There’s links on this summary to help article to explain more about what we can resend to. Note for failed faxes, we will only attempt resends to fax lines and good numbers. There’s no point keep trying to send to a voice line – that just annoys people! If you need to send the fax to a new number or simply correct the number used then FORWARD the fax instead and enter the new number in the compose process as usual.


We’ve also improved the performance of the fax and document viewer across all sections.


Behind the scenes, we have made all kinds of improvements and new features to keep our support team happy. They deserve it.


We’ve also made some back-end changes to help support some new mobile features coming soon.


And some changes to the API to lay the ground for new features coming there too.