Medi-Copy chooses Sfax as its cloud fax solution

Posted: May 13, 2013
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We are happy to announce that Medi-Copy, a Health Information Management company based in Nashville, Tennessee, have decided to use Sfax as its cloud faxing solution.

Medi-Copy is known for its commitment to delivering Protected Health Information in a secure manner. Our previous work with healthcare companies and our excellent track record made Sfax the perfect solution for Medi-Copy, proving that it is up to the challenge of providing first-rate, secure data transferral of private medical documents.

Medi-Copy used to get through a lot of fax paper and felt that it needed a more modern approach to faxing, that could cope with the high volumes of data that it needs to send. Having everything based in the cloud and eliminating the need for hard copies, Sfax provides a more secure, cost-effective solution to data transfer for Medi-Copy.

Medi-Copy have informed us that our commitment to comply with the HIPAA Final Rule, which came into action on the March 26, 2013, was a big reason for them to choose us over competitors. Most cloud fax services do not believe it’s important to comply with the HIPAA rules set out by the Department of Health and Human Services, but we believe that it is imperative.

We have even appointed a Compliance Officer to ensure that both our high standards and HIPAA standards are met. All of our employees undergo HIPAA training and have a strong understanding of the legislation and how it relates to their work.

Founder and CEO of Medi-Copy, Elliott Holt, stated; “We are thrilled to be working with another business associate that believes in the privacy and security of patient data as much as we do! We have been completely satisfied with our use of Sfax and would also recommend it to other professionals in Healthcare.”

We are incredibly pleased that Medi-Copy chose to partner with Sfax, and are confident that we can look forward to many years of cooperation and collaboration in the future.

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