New features and faster performance

Posted: Oct 02, 2013
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Our development team continue to unfold new features and refinements to Sfax that impact the entire Sfax platform.


Under the hood, we have optimized the core fax engine and introduced new advanced ‘Intelligent queuing ™’.
Combined, these changes enhance our platform performance and maintain our industry-leading deliverability.

Sfax for Web

Laying the ground for some more great features coming (notably annotations on inbox faxes and documents) we have:

  • Rebuilt advanced fax viewer and editor
  • Performance tuned for quicker loading of images
  • Ability to save inbox faxes with rotated pages
  • Further improved annotation alignment for fax edits
Issue fixed with Export and tracking current page in viewer

Improved export faxes with data time stamps:

  • Export faxes with date/time stamps
  • Specify the position of the stamp on the pages
  • Specify the fax date (receipt or sent date) or the export date.

Failed faxes: Introduce display error description for failed fax sends in fax listing ahead of upcoming new feature for resending failed fax feature.
Contacts: Contact Organization added to the contact searches.
Login: Improved flash-based login with forgotten password and reset password for enhanced security and compliance.


Search: New search capability for faxes across all information, cover pages, contacts and documents.
Information: New information section with editable display name, subject, reference and remarks for each fax.
List view: Display name, subject and reference now shown in list view for faxes.