SecureCare Products Certified by TRUSTe

Posted: Jun 10, 2011
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SecureCare Technologies, Inc., an Austin-based provider of smart technology that enables messaging and document exchange for the healthcare sector, has announced that TRUSTe® has certified the privacy practices of Sfax, an industry-leading web-based secure faxing service, enabling it to display the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal.

Aleks Szymanski, CEO and Director of SecureCare said, “The final rules on the HIPAA and HITECH are expected in early 2011 and they are expected to be even more stringent around PHI.  Data security and privacy issues are becoming more important and those companies who are complacent will be dealt with severely. We are delighted to have received this endorsement from such a trusted third party, as it demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability – the foundations of privacy.”

TRUSTe is the leading internet privacy services provider which helps thousands of businesses promote online safety and trust. TRUSTe only awards its Web Privacy Seal to companies that complete TRUSTe certification and submit to ongoing site monitoring.  In addition, the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal further signifies that a website has posted a professionally reviewed privacy policy and has information practices consistent with the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Information Practice Principles.

For over ten years, SecureCare has been committed to ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy, something of critical importance within the healthcare sector – where the company has the majority of its clients.

Aleks Szymanski continued, “When a healthcare provider needs to send time-critical forms or patient data to another organization, it demands that the information will arrive quickly, in full and most importantly, securely.  When it comes to PHI, there is no room for error.  The TRUSTe certification confirms our commitment to the very highest standards of privacy and security and with the ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes that TRUSTe require it is also a commitment that will give our clients additional confidence in the future.”