Sfax app for Android now launched

Posted: Jul 16, 2013
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The new mobile app version of Sfax, our secure cloud faxing service, is now available for download on Android phones and tablets. We understand that work life has become increasingly hectic, and now thanks to the new Android app customers can manage their faxes anytime, anywhere.

Many industry sectors require handling of sensitive information. For example, in healthcare multiple providers may be involved in treating a patient, but busy schedules mean that it’s not always possible to get together. The use of fax continues to be the primary way to exchange documents. However, security, privacy and HIPAA compliance remain genuine concerns.

Sfax ensures the highest levels of security and the new Sfax app allows them to do so on the go, without downloading documents to their mobile devices. The mobile app is completely secure and HIPAA, GLBA and SOX compliant – adhering to the privacy rules for exchanging protected information.

Not only does Sfax for Mobile enable business ‘on the go’, it eliminates the need to carry round bits of paper, which pose further security risk with the possibility of access by third parties much greater. It also stops the need to access a desktop computer to send or receive faxes and in turn saves your business money on energy bills, ink and paper.

The Sfax for Android app allows users to securely send, receive, and manage their faxing on an Android mobile device. For more information and to install the app please visit Google Play.

Our Sfax for iOS has been developed and is awaiting app store approval.

**IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ** Sfax for Mobile apps for iOS and Android are ONLY available for customers who signed up after March 11, 2013 or have been migrated across to Sfax v3.