Mobile Messaging, Security and HIPAA

Scrypt surveyed over 1,800 healthcare professionals about their mobile habits in the workplace and the measures their organizations are taking to promote and regulate responsible use.

HIPAA-secure messaging for any iOS, Android or web device.

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With CareTeam, physicians can invite any non-physician to join them on DocbookMD to communicate in a secure, fast and efficient way through their mobile device or desktop PC. Now, all of those caring directly for patients can share messages and images like X-rays, EKGs and photos of wounds or rashes wherever and whenever they need.

  • Physicians can invite nurses, PAs, and other office staff to join them on DocbookMD with the new CareTeam feature.
  • The entire care team can send and receive HIPAA-secure messages, including images like X-rays, EGKs, wounds and rashes.
  • Physicians remain at the center of patient care and can use DocbookMD to coordinate care across any type of practice setting - even without an EMR.
  • Physicians can control who they invite and who can send them messages.

To get started, open the app and tap the CareTeam menu item and start building your DocbookMD CareTeam today. Visit our FAQ or contact our Support team with any questions