DocbookMD features allow for the convenience of mobile communication and the confidence of a HIPAA-secure solution.

How is DocbookMD HIPAA-secure?

In order for a mobile app to say it is HIPAA-secure, it must meet four major security criteria.


Administrative Safeguards

There must be a termination procedure where Protected Health Information (PHI) may be rapidly removed from the device or access to PHI is quickly terminated. DocbookMD has the ability to remotely shut down access to the app and any data containing PHI if loss or theft of a device is reported.


Physical Safeguards

Access to the device containing PHI must be limited. DocbookMD strongly encourages physicians to keep their devices safe and password protect their phones and tablets. PIN lock available for app.


Technical Safeguards

PHI must be encrypted to the highest encryption standards available. Secure encryption must be tested on an on-going basis. DocbookMD uses 256 bit encryption for all PHI on the device, server and during transmission.



Any device that contains PHI must have a back-up and recovery procedure. DocbookMD has data back-up procedures and a disaster recovery plan in the event of loss of device or PHI. Our servers also have these systems and emergency recovery procedures in place so no PHI is ever stored on your device.