Working with home health providers

Home health providers are on the hook every day to manage a mountain of patient documents according to HIPAA requirements. We allow home health care providers and hospices to manage and transmit documents securely outside of a practice or hospital environment. With demand for home health care expected to continue to rise over the coming decades, many caregivers are looking for a solution that eliminates paper documents – saving them time and resources, while reducing the risk of a potential breach.

We cut our teeth helping home health providers

Since 1998, Scrypt has been solving the home health document problem. We understand the need for secure document exchange between all the different stakeholders involved in a patient’s plan of care, so we built our platform to adhere to the most stringent HIPAA privacy and security requirements. Our goal is to take the complexity out of handling PHI so that home health professionals can exchange, store and enhance patient documents easily and with confidence.

Stak & home health care.

The range of state, federal, and agency requirements means that there isn’t a one sized approach for managing documents. We’ve spent the last 16 years developing solutions to the document problem. Stak makes the caregiver’s job easier, protects sensitive information, and puts document control into the home health agency’s hands. Home health professionals operate in a hectic environment that brings daily challenges.

Caregivers are responsible for handling more than 20 different multi-page documents for every patient visit. This adds complexity to the caregiver’s job, consumes time and resources – and increases the risks of a breach occurring. Every day, home health providers are ‘drowning’ in documents. Home health agencies and hospices can rest easy knowing we have security and compliance covered.

Sfax, cloud faxing that works.

Sfax enables you to send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes.

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Stak, healthcare's document platform

Stak lets you safely store, send, enhance and collaborate anywhere.

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