Working with Hospitals

Even with the implementation of EMR systems and other IT solutions, hospitals still need to effectively address the nuisance of manual process and safely storing medical records. We build products for healthcare that can help reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.

Scrypt has been developing productivity tools for the healthcare sector since 1998, and have a long pedigree protecting personal health information. Many hospitals have faced challenges in keeping their patients’ data secure, as a number of high profile breaches have demonstrated.

We have secure cloud-based faxing solutions designed for healthcare that eliminate manual faxing and troublesome fax servers for inbound and outbound faxes. We can easily integrates into all functional areas of a hospital. Whether you are in a clinical area, billing, or medical records, we can provide an intelligent HIPAA-compliant solution that reduces operating costs and increase efficiencies.

We develop scalable solutions, meaning that even enterprise-level hospital groups can rest easy knowing that at Scrypt we have data security covered, allowing them to work confident. We apply technical, physical and administrative safeguards to support hospitals to be compliant with HIPAA, and help to boost productivity by allowing staff to securely access and share health information from their smartphone or tablet.

Sfax, cloud faxing that works.

Sfax enables you to send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes.

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Stak, healthcare's document platform

Stak lets you safely store, send, enhance and collaborate anywhere.

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