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As Business Associates (BA), medical billing companies and managed health plan providers and payers must comply with the same HIPAA Security and Privacy Laws as Covered Entities (CE). Issues with data security came to light following the phase 1 HIPAA audits, resulting in the phase 2 audits being extended to cover Business Associates. It is crucial that medical billing companies adhere to the same stringent compliance standards, but the challenge of implementing a HIPAA-compliant end-to-end solution can be daunting.

The data breach at Anthem further highlights just how crucial it is for medical billing companies and managed health care providers to choose a solution that deploys encryption not only during transmission, but when data is at rest too.

We can transform the way that medical billing companies work. Our secure, cloud-based environment uses military grade encryption, and allows users to exchange, store and enhance documents, in a compliant, efficient, and eco-friendly way.


We can help navigate regulations including thorough auditing and reporting requirements as well as privacy, security and compliance mandates. Healthcare payers generate and receive billions of paper-based transactions annually resulting in unnecessarily inefficient, error-prone, and costly manual processes.


We help medical billing companies, managed plan providers and payers increase efficiency and streamline medical billing and claims processing to send and receive documents. For many medical billing companies and payers, we can provide a vital bridge between the paper and electronic worlds.

Less paper

We provide a simple way to reduce cost by eliminating paper and paper-based processes. Our customers have reduced document delivery costs by up to 90% by eliminating paper forms, postage, labor and equipment costs.

Sfax, cloud faxing that works.

Sfax enables you to send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes.

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