Working with Physicians and clinics

Office Managers and Physicians are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency, productivity and level of care they provide to their patients. At Scrypt, we understand the concerns of smaller organizations, where implementing HIPAA-compliant technologies may be a strain on resources.

We can provide document management and delivery solutions designed for physicians and clinics of all sizes that remove the chore of manual processes and help minimize risk. Scrypt and Sfax are HIPAA-compliant, meaning that you can work confident, safe in the knowledge that your patient data is protected whether at rest or during transmission.

For Office Managers

  • Eliminate manual processes with new document workflow that significantly lowers operating costs – freeing up staff members to perform other duties.
  • Store documents in a hold queue for physicians to sign when they have time.
  • Automatically create an audit trail of all inbound and outbound documents for HIPAA regulations.
  • Store of all documents in a HIPAA-compliant online environment so you never lose a medical record again.
  • Use search capabilities allow you to easily find faxes for resending, printing, and more.
  • Easily export documents into any EHR or other software system.

For Physicians

  • Reduce claim denials and ensure you receive the maximum payments owed to you.
  • Digitally sign incoming documents such as orders and prescription refills without printing.
  • Remain connected to your office while out of the office.
  • Review important lab results, referral letters, important follow ups and respond quickly.
Sfax, cloud faxing that works

Send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes beautifully.

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