XDOC. Document management for lending.

Simplifying lender workflows.


Mortgage document management made easy

For close to 20 years lenders have relied on XDOC as an electronic document management system that helps simplify the mortgage lending process. Today’s lenders face increased regulations, intensified pressure to create zero-defect loans and data security requirements. So how does a mortgage lender face all of these difficulties, and still make a profit? The brand new XDOC is a powerful electronic document management (EDM) platform. Rebuilt from the ground up to be even more reliable, efficient and secure, XDOC eases the complexities of today’s lending landscape.

Reduce costs

Rising costs to originate? Reduce loan processing expenses with XDOC. Find documents in an instant.

Reduce paper

Dealing with mountains of documents that must be perfect before, during, and after closing? Reduce paper processes with flexibility to meet your needs.

Improve Collaboration

The ability to efficiently and securely collect, review and share the increasing amounts of documents and data is essential to success. XDOC encourages collaboration.

Reduce risks

Increased regulations? Mitigate security and compliance risks by embracing XDOC.

Security and protection are in our DNA.
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Benefits at a glance

Internal security keeps the document secure during the life of the document inside of XDOC

Save time

Save time and money by improving workflows, reducing paper and making documents accessible with a simple search.

Integration made easy

Integration capabilities that unlock compliance, security and workflow features not afforded by stand-alone systems.

Admin controls

Flexible admin controls means that an organization can define their own workflow and user definitions.


Scalable across multiple locations, and can be used in any department in an organization that wants to go paperless.

Simplify your lending with XDOC.
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“We looked at many offerings and decided that XDOC was the best fit. We are growing and the scalability and flexibility of the XDOC enterprise platform will grow with us.”

Ben Chaffin, CIO
RPM Mortgage

“XDOC easily integrated with our existing loan processing system and had the mortgage specific options that we were looking for. It’s easy to use and all web based. XDOC is a huge time saver. It gives a lot of flexibility with how we do business. The support has been fantastic and always extremely responsive.”

Bill Burke Senior Vice President
Starkey Mortgage

“We required a robust and flexible EDM solution and vetted a number of solutions. XDOC met all of our requirements. Their simple and straight forward pricing model provides an industry leading return on our investment. We have reached levels of efficiency that otherwise would not have been possible.”

Tad Hensley, VP Technology Development
AmeriPro Funding
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