Capture, manage, find and deliver documents with XDOC

A redesigned user interface delivers a superior experience in any browser. Enhanced document indexing, tagging and classification combined with powerful delivery and collaboration tools makes it safe and easy to share documents between team members, customers and partners.


Web access to all documents throughout the loan process via any browser interface. Drag and drop documents directly into loan files to speed up your workflow. Automatic capture and indexing of documents from any input source including scanners, printers, multi-function copiers, enterprise fax servers, fax to email providers and email getaways. Intelligent scan client, print client, and web interfaces for indexing, splitting, and assigning documents to loans.


Thumbnails for side by side document comparison and viewing. Drag and drop pages for easy reordering. Easily configurable file structure and workflow. Virtual Loan File implementation. Full annotation support including highlights, text and stamps. Automatic form identification and data capture. Document versioning at different folder or ‘bucket’ levels. Comprehensive document level security based on security profile and loan stage.


Use tags to search and filter for documents. Documents in any file format can be identified and automatically cataloged. Filters and image adjustment for hard to read documents. Web access to all documents throughout the loan process via any web browser interface. Rapid image display with ability to pan, zoom and scale. Retention period allows for automatic cleanup to reclaim storage space.


Combine LOS data and documents for a single submission. Packaging and delivery of documents via email, http, sftp, local file system in specific investor and partner formats. Send either a single file or hundreds of files simultaneously with a single click. Delivery “sets” allow single files or a batch of files to be delivered to multiple parties with a single click. Deliver multi-page PDF or TIF files with advanced PDF features including password protection, bookmarks and annotations.


Ready to integrate or not?

XDOC is ready to go out of the box, or you can integrate it quickly and easily into your existing loan origination system. API for the mortgage industry allows easy 3-step integration process. Integrated login and user authentication through your loan processing system. External document container virtual loan folder API for attaching loan documents to entities in your LOS. Flexible configurability lets you customize XDOC to your environment where required. Advanced customization toolkits and APIs available for custom feature development applications.

“XDOC has allowed us to gain efficiencies that would not have been possible with paper files. We looked at many imaging solutions and XDOC proved to have all of the features we needed.”

Jerry Schiano, President/CEO
NewPenn Financial

“XDOC delivers best-in-class document management capabilities, empowering MortgagebotLOS clients to go paperless, reduce costs and increase efficiency - all without leaving the system.”

Rick Allen, VP Product Management

“We required a robust and flexible EDM solution and vetted a number of solutions. XDOC met all of our requirements. Their simple and straight forward pricing model provides an industry leading return on our investment. We have reached levels of efficiency that otherwise would not have been possible.”

Tad Hensley, VP Technology Development
AmeriPro Funding