SOX and GLBA Compliant Faxing for Financial Service Companies

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Secure, Cloud Fax Solutions for Educational Institutions

From elementary schools to colleges, today’s educational system requires the constant transmission of a range of documents. Your staff may be sending and receiving student registration forms, student records, academic transcripts, financial aid requests, special education plans, transfer requests and more. Often, these documents contain secure information and access needs to be limited to selected teachers, administrators and parents. With secure, cloud-based fax solutions it’s possible to quickly and easily share student information when it’s needed to provide the educational solutions your study body needs – while keeping confidentiality at the forefront.


Sfax offers secure transmissions and regulatory-compliance-focused cloud faxing for financial services firms. Cloud- Faxing Designed with Compliance in Mind

Protect your most important information with the faxing industry’s most advanced security protocols. Designed to comply with the world’s most stringent regulatory requirements, faxes sent with Sfax are protected by:

  • 256-bit TLS encryption, 2048-bit private keys and AES multi-layered encryption for all documents, in transit and at rest.
  • Detailed logging and audit trails for every transaction.
  • Redundant state-of-the-art data facilities with SSAE16 Type II secured facilities, as well as backup power, internet and hardware capabilities.
  • Unique user identification and verification.
  • Two step-authentication.
  • Logoffs due to inactivity.
  • An easy-to-use admin dashboard that makes it easy to assign different levels of security and access

Your organization’s approach to faxing is a critical component of complying with the finance industry’s toughest regulations. Download our detailed security overview.

Industry-Leading Security Solutions for Financial Services Faxing

Compliance is a central concern in the global financial industry. Whether you’re faxing personal financial data or highly confidential company information, security and discretion are a must. Sfax is a cloud faxing service that’s fully compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Using manual fax machines and email services can put your company – and data – at risk for data breaches and regulatory fines. We’ve been safeguarding sensitive information every day since 1998 to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information being processed.

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Solutions for PII

Financial services organizations often collect and transmit Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as part of client onboarding and routine transactions. Whether you’re dealing with credit reports, social security numbers or birthdates, protect this data in line with SOX and GLBA regulations. Encrypted messages can be accessed via a secure portal, and downloaded faxes will be stored securely in the cloud. Gather the PII you need to complete customer transactions, knowing you’re taking every precaution to protect this critical data. Never again worry that your faxing processes are out of compliance.

The Tools You Need to Close Deals and Process Faster Transactions

In an age of real-time financial transactions, Sfax givens your team the tools they need to process transactions faster, respond to customer requests and close deals quickly. Don’t let an outdated fax infrastructure slow your team down. Send and receive faxes securely from any internet-connected device, including a convenient mobile fax. Store documents – along with complete audit trails – to access later as required throughout the deal lifecycle. Leave behind unreliable, outdated analog fax systems and focus on delivering the best financial results for your clients on the timelines they expect.


Eliminate the Wasted Time and Expense of Paper-Based Faxing

Your talent shouldn’t be wasting time standing by a fax machine waiting for a transmission confirmation or trying to redial a client fax number. With cloud-based faxing, conveniently send, receive and even digitally sign faxes from any connected device. Every minute spent in front of a fax machine is time and money wasted. You can also capture important cost savings by streamlining your fax process. Eliminate the costs of hardware, maintenance, ink, paper and telco lines. Instead, pay for a single plan that scales with your needs, features transparent pricing and is a predictable cost each and every month.

Streamlined User Administration

Easily manage user accounts through a single administration dashboard. With all Sfax plans, multiple users can be assigned to a single fax number, allowing for dedicated and regulatory-compliant individual accounts. Access detailed reports any time – including audit trails for documents sent – as part of your management process. If you have questions or require support, every Sfax cloud-faxing plan offers 24/7 support with compliance-trained agents who are available by phone, email or service ticket. Our support staff is located in the U.S. and if you call, you’ll get a support specialist on the phone the first time – every time.


Forget Hardware and Move Your Faxing Tech to the Cloud

With cloud-based faxing, your IT team won’t face the issues of troubleshooting malfunctioning fax hardware. Instead, every step of the faxing process is handled digitally. Eliminate the need to deal with an aging fax infrastructure or support angry associates dealing with a fax machine technical issue. Instead, your IT team can quickly and easily get new users online, assigned with a fax account and onboarded to the system using any device. Set up your new infrastructure in minutes, and keep your toll-free or local number. With Sfax, more complex technology projects are easy. Need to integrate secure faxing with a financial application? Rely on our API.

Financial service professionals need faxing solutions that are SOX- and GLBA-compliant. Know that each and every fax you send is protected by industry-leading advanced security protocols, including encryption, redundancy and detailed audit logs. Increase your team’s productivity, meet clients’ requests with lightning-fast responsiveness, and spend less time faxing and more time focused on closing deals.
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