How to send a fax from your computer using Sfax

Posted: Oct 23, 2013
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Signing and sending faxes from your computer doesn’t need to be hard. Once you’ve chosen an Sfax plan that suits your needs and made your account, you can start faxing following these five simple steps:

1) Choose your document
Open up the document you want to send. Select ‘Print’, then choose ‘Sfax’. Log in to your Sfax account with your username and password to get started.

2) Compose fax
Choose the fax number you are sending from, if your account has access to multiple lines. Then choose your recipient, or who you want to send the fax to. You can either select a number from your saved contacts, or if it is a number you will only contact once, just enter the fax number.

3) Choose cover page
There is a range of free cover page templates to select from. You can preview these before you send them so you can be sure to have selected the one you are most happy with.

If you do not want to have any cover page at all, just click ‘no cover page required’ from the drop-down menu.

Choose your subject and write a reference and notes.

4) Organize document
Sfax allows you to edit your document and insert annotations, digital signatures, and a range of other options.

Text boxes can be inserted and edited along with the font size and style. Click and drag the digital signature to insert it onto the document. The unique, tracking digital signature uses the display name of the user, so be sure to define these when setting up the account.

5) Send
Once you are happy with the content and presentation of your fax, you can either save the fax to access later, or send it straight away.

The fax will sit in your outbox folder as it is sent. It gets transmitted down a secure line to the recipient fax numbers – whether that is a fax machine, fax server, Sfax or another fax service.

It’s that easy. Don’t believe us? Watch our video on how to sign and send faxes in 60 seconds with Sfax v3.