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Short on time? We have two 60-second videos to get you going. And useful training sessions that have been previously recorded. Remember, you can also check out all our videos on our Help Desk.

Sfax for Web (60secs)
Reply, sign and send a fax with Sfax v3.
Sfax for Desktop (60secs)
60 seconds to sign and send a fax from your desktop.
Getting started (30mins)
Pre-recorded webinar demonstrating Sfax.
Sfax Admin (9mins)
Discover how to get Enterprise-level control.
Check out our HIPAA-compliant faxing plans.
Plans & Pricing
Webinars and private training

Help Desk about webinars and scheduling a private training program for you or your team.


Download Sfax for Windows if you’re running Windows XP, 7 or 8.
Sfax for Windows (.exe)
Sfax for Windows (.zip)

Snow Leopard onwards

Download this version of Sfax for Mac on Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion ONLY.
Sfax for Mac (.jar)
Sfax for Mac (.zip)

Maverick (up to v10.9.2)

Recent Java update seems to be cause issues. If you are running Maverick, please read this first before trying to install Sfax on your Mac.


Yosemite (and Maverick v10.9.3 onwards) has a specific version. Before you upgrade to Yosemite (or Maverick v10.9.3 or above), please read this first.

Support articles about how to install on Windows and on a Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion), Mac (Maverick to v10.9.2) and Mac (Yosemite and Maverick v10.9.3 onwards). And here’s some help on sending your first fax using learn more. If you are using our earlier version Sfax v2, please contact

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