Compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) means Health Care Organizations (HCO's) need to keep electronic records and to automate processes.

By deploying cloud-based services like Sfax healthcare providers can instantly streamline operational efficiencies as well as improve the vital exchange of information.

Physicians and Clinics

Physicians and Office Managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and save money. Sfax’s cloud faxing service achieves both.


Hospitals have enormous challenges in handling faxing. Sfax eliminates the nuisance of manual processes and paper.

Home Health Hospice

Sfax delivers flexibility for home health and hospice professionals in their offices and on the go.

Medical Billing Companies

Medical billing companies are flocking to Sfax for our industry-leading performance, image quality and reliability to meet their specific needs.


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies rely on Sfax to receive requests for equipment and respond to those requests faster at lower cost.


We have a number of labs who rely on Sfax every hour of every day to get results processed quickly and reliably.


Sfax is used with many of the top Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions in the US either alongside the application or integrated into the EHR itself.


With Sfax you can receive prescriptions via our web portal, into a folder on your network and use our service along with 3rd party applications.

IT Consultants

Healthcare solutions across the US have integrated Sfax, including homecare applications, ePrescribing and billing solutions, providing a HIPAA-compliant audit trail.


Sfax. Cloud faxing that works

Send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes beautifully.

Don't compromise. Get HIPAA compliance.
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