Secure Cloud Fax Solutions
for Your Industry

Sfax gives your business access to secure, industry-compliant cloud fax at prices
you can afford.

Send, receive and sign faxes quickly and easily from any internet-connected
device including our secure mobile app.


HIPAA Compliant Faxing for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations need a fast, secure faxsolution that complies with today’s demanding HIPAA regulations and keeps patient data secure.

Faxing for Law Firms

The legal industry relies on faxes to share large volumes of documents for eDiscovery. Law firms must take every step to protect client confidentiality and ensure case data remains secure.

Faxing for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals – including agents, mortgage experts and legal providers – need access to mobile-friendly fax solutions.

Financial Services Faxing

The financial services industry relies on faxing to share a variety of financial records, transaction requests and data transfers.


Streamline your fax infrastructure with a cloud solution for the transportation and logistics field and fax on the

Cloud Faxing for Retailers

Retailers of all sizes are streamlining their fax infrastructure with Sfax. Our clients include the industry’s largest brick-and-mortar retailers and innovative startups.

Faxing Solutions for Manufacturers

Your production is lean and optimized; now your faxing can be too. Manufacturers rely on a steady stream of paperwork to place orders, manage production, order components, coordinate shipping and get paid.

Secure Fax for Schools K-12 and Higher Education

From student information and medical records to staff-related paperwork, schools fax documents every day. In an industry where every dollar counts, educational institutions are adopting cloud faxing..

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