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Need a fax solution that’s as mobile as your transportation and logistics business? Sfax can help you securely track customer orders, supply chain documents and payment confirmations on the go, from any computer or mobile phone.


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Cloud Fax Services for Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies are under more pressure than ever before. In an age of next-day shipping and deliveries on demand, your company provides the crucial and time-sensitive link between brands and their customers. Every minute counts – and delays from traditional fax services can slow you down and cause unnecessary hold-ups that lead to angry customers, and cut into your profits and margins. Focusing on your fax infrastructure is an overlooked but critical lever to compressing delivery times, speeding up revenue recognition, and standing out as a transportation and logistics provider that delivers on time, every time.


Speedy Fax Solutions That Work for a Document-Driven Industry

Few industries rely on documents as much as transportation and logistics – and more often than not, these documents are sent by fax. Today’s companies are constantly on the lookout for:

  • Purchase orders
  • Client requests
  • Bills of lading
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Shipping documentation
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Invoices
  • Payment information
  • Contracts, proposals and RFPs
  • Delivery schedules
  • Inventory control
  • Analysis documents
  • Warehouse and inventory reports

Send or receive these documents reliably, via a secure portal and with email notifications, on any internet-connected device. Sfax understands how important timely faxes are to transportation companies and provides simple, stress-free tools that help your team focus on getting your cargo to its destination ahead of schedule.

“Just in Time”: Speeding Up Responses in the Transportation Industry

Improving your order process and speeding up your communication can be a critical competitive advantage in today’s time-obsessed transportation and logistics industry. Critical minutes can pass while an order comes into the fax machine and your team is busy on the phone with customers or working on getting new projects in queue. Opportunities come in, and your office team misses them because they’re doing something else. With a central fax portal, every opportunity can be tracked, triaged and responded to quickly and efficiently. Use mobile faxing to:

  • Eliminate the need to stop and fax in a load bid while you’re on the road. Instead, prepare bids and fax them from any mobile device or internet-connected computer.
  • Make sure you’re the first company that responds to every attractive request that comes in via fax, without needing to constantly staff your office or ensure that an admin is standing over the fax machine.
  • Send and access critical documents from anywhere, whether you’re on the road, in the warehouse or meeting with customers.
  • Use digital signature to receive, sign, send and keep track of project details you receive.

Securely Store Critical Transportation & Client Business Information

Depending on who your clients are, security can be critical. Whether you’re dealing with government contracts, military deals or other sensitive information, many customers want to do business with transportation and logistics companies that can deliver state-of-the-art security. When you need to receive sensitive bills of lading, transportation details and payment information, Sfax’s industry-leading security features allow you to deliver a totally secure experience while maintaining the speed your industry is known for. These features include:

  • Industry-leading security with 256-bit TLS encryption, 2048-bit private keys and AES multi-layered encryption for all documents, while they’re faxed and while they’re stored.
  • Detailed logging and audit trails for every transaction.
  • Redundant state-of-the-art data facilities with SSAE16 Type II secured facilities, as well as backup power, internet and hardware capabilities.
  • An easy-to-use admin center that allows user to set user names, permissions and password protection.

Interested in learning more about Sfax security? Download our detailed security overview.

Cut Your Costs, Increase Your Profits

Cloud faxing won’t just help you speed up service and improve your security. It can also help you cut operating costs. Eliminate unnecessary expenses such as purchasing fax machines or updating old fax servers, buying supplies like ink and paper, maintaining a dedicated fax phone line, and paying for expensive IT support. Instead, simply choose a plan that fits your needs. Enjoy Sfax’s totally transparent fee structure and select a plan that can be scaled up or down at any time, depending on your needs. Pay only for the faxing services you use, so you’ll never spend more than you need to.


It’s Time to Move Your Analog Faxing to the Cloud

Transportation and logistics companies have relied on slow, analog fax systems and fax servers for decades – and it’s time to choose a fax solution that delivers results at the speed of your business. By switching from a traditional faxing infrastructure to cloud-based faxing, you will leave unreliable fax machines, fax servers and expensive traditional phone lines behind. You’ll never have to hire an IT expert to troubleshoot fax infrastructure, dig for paperwork to respond to customer’s request for information, or deal with the frustration of a busy telephone signal. Bring your faxing into the modern, fast pace of today’s transportation and logistics industry.

Turn your fax infrastructure into a competitive advantage, cut costs and access the documents you need to deliver on-time, every time with Sfax.
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