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Sfax Healthcare Fax API Enables Secure Electronic Document Delivery & Interoperability

Using the Sfax RESTful API you can submit faxes to be sent, retrieve incoming faxes, and retrieve information about outbound faxes from within your own application.  Sfax delivers HIPAA secure cloud faxing that will help eliminate manual processes that are inefficient and time consuming while maintaining a secure connection between the programmed application and the Sfax server.  Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, so you can feel confident that we will deliver faxes to and from your application safely.

Manual fax vs Sfax, a cost comparison
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Sfax vs fax servers

Fax is universal, ubiquitous and here to stay. Fax servers are troublesome. Sfax can dramatically improve the bottom line by eliminating all capital expenditures associated with faxing equipment and reduces fax expenses to a nominal operational cost. Download PDF to learn more »

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