Don’t Shop Around: Secure Fax Solutions for Retail Companies

Large brick-and-mortar retailers and eCommerce stores rely on Sfax to securely send and receive faxes, respond to customers, communicate with vendors and keep their overhead fax costs in check.


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Cloud Faxing designed for the rigors of the Retail Industry

Retailers rely on fax for a variety of communications needs – communicating with customers, dealing with vendors, tracking inventory along the supply chain, staying in touch with transportation partners and or sharing sensitive information between locations. ClSfax has made it possible for retailers of any size – from large international retailers to startup boutiques and online stores – to access fast, secure faxing from any device that’s connected to the internet. Whether your merchandising manager is on a buying trip overseas and sending inventory information, or your largest supplier is sending back a signed purchase order, don’t let unreliable fax machines slow you down. Sfax makes it easy to send and receive faxes on the go.


Cut Your Costs While Getting All the Features You Need

Today’s retailers operate on razor-thin margins, so every dollar counts. Don’t let faxing weigh down your operating budget. With traditional analog faxing, those overhead costs can quickly add up. Aging fax machines or fax servers must be serviced or replaced with new hardware, and every machine requires regular maintenance and troubleshooting when something goes wrong. Then there’s the costs of paper, ink, dedicated phone lines, paying for toll-free numbers and long-distance costs, depending on where you fax. With Sfax, retailers pay a single monthly fee with everything rolled into one.

Choose a plan that fits your unique business needs, and scale up or down as your retail business changes. Since you pay only for what you use and have complete transparency into how you’re being billed, you can cut your costs while getting access to all the features you need.

Protect Your Billing Information With Industry-Leading Security

When using faxes to share sensitive information – such as payment information for purchase orders – or storing customer information, security is key. Sfax delivers state-of-the art reliability and security, so your company’s most sensitive data is always protected.

  • Industry-leading security with 256-bit TLS encryption, 2048-bit private keys and AES multi-layered encryption for all documents, while they’re faxed and while they’re stored.
  • Detailed logging and audit trails for every transaction.
  • Redundant state-of-the-art data facilities with SSAE16 Type II secured facilities, as well as backup power, internet and hardware capabilities.
  • An easy-to-use admin panel that makes it easy to control access to retailer data through account-based permissions with user names, passwords and more.

IntInterested in learning more about Sfax security? Download our detailed security overview.


Save Time for What Matters Most

Retailers have to deliver outstanding customer experiences to today’s discerning consumers. Whether you need information on inventory availability or you’re securing a purchase order for stock for your busiest season, your business can’t afford delays. Fast, efficient faxing – that can happen where and when it’s convenient for you – keeps your business moving forward. Faxing shouldn’t take time away from your most important activities. From restocking the shelves to helping customers search for just the right item, free up your team from waiting over a fax machine, and help your business grow. Take advantage of features such as:

  • Audit trails and logging for every transaction, so you always know where a request is in process.
  • The ability to edit faxes and sign them digitally, to keep business processes moving smoothly.
  • The ability to improve efficiencies and trim costs, by sending faxes from your existing multi-function printers.
  • Secure storage that lets you organize y faxes by account, product line, store location, or any other factor that works for your business.
  • A streamlined admin console that makes it easy to set up accounts, assign permissions and route incoming faxes to their ultimate destination.
  • Toll-free numbers and local numbers that let you focus on easily connecting with national or local audiences.
  • A mobile app that allows users to create, send and receive faxes via their mobile devices.
With secure, cloud faxing, retailers can stay connected with customers, follow up with vendors, and keep overhead costs in check. Need custom solutions? A dedicated account representative is always just a phone call, email or support ticket away, and will ensure that any question, issue or request is promptly resolved. Sfax knows how important it is for retailers to focus on their customers – and ensures that secure faxing seamlessly integrates into your workflow and helps you achieve your goals.
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