New Sfax RESTful API launched

Posted: Mar 08, 2012
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Exciting times.  We’ve spent the last 3-4 months rebuilding our Sfax platform to cope with all the new customers and to add new fax functionality and security features.  We have more than 40 EHRs and software vendors successfully using our existing SOAP-based API.

We took the decision to embrace modern thinking and methods to utilize a HTTPS protocol endpoint similar in concept to RESTful services.  Service methods can be invoked with simple HTTP Get and Post methods without the SOAP overhead.  This style of service has several advantages over traditional web services including increased service, performance and scalability is increased and invocation simplified.

The API allows you to access a user’s account “in the cloud,” and send and receive faxes based on strict authentication criteria. With the API you can upload document and cover pages, send faxes, check status of transmissions, receive faxes – and a raft of other things.

Gene Fry, VP Technology comments: “The launch of our new RESTful API represents a ‘step change’ in our ability to integrate with our customers.  We have strong documentation and sample code to make life easier for anyone wishing to integrate with Sfax.”  He continues: “Furthermore, we have a great roadmap going forward of new features we’ll be adding in the next few months”.

Check out our Developer section and discover more about the RESTful API.