Maintaining the mountains of customer loan documents and paperwork with accuracy and ease is critical for mortgage lenders.

Simply streamlining the document management process isn’t enough. Lenders need to close as many loans as they can to make a profit, but Increased regulations and pressure to create zero-defect loans mean that every loan must be accurate and error free, before, during and after closing. Otherwise, lenders could face consequences that are often costly and out of their control. Being able to quickly present documents to an auditor, court, servicers and others upon request at any point, is essential. Our electronic document management solution assures that every loan is complete, accurate and secure, throughout the life of the loan.

We hang our hat on simplifying the document management process. Our platform is built to ensure that lenders can easily manage their documents with the accuracy required to eliminate risk. We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. By simplifying document management inside of a user-friendly interface, lenders can intuitively navigate every loan.  They can annotate, status, and index every document for a superior workflow that assures exactness. Our customers know that their loan documents are complete and accurate, as each of their loans move through the highly complex lending system.

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Our customers have documented proof of their cost and time savings with Sfax, including shaving days off of underwriting and increasing loans processed by 28% per year. All this with ease and accuracy.

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Take advantage of a mortgage industry veteran in electronic document management. We deliver electronic document management that you can use on its own, or easily integrate it into your existing loan origination system.