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Cloud Faxing Account Management Simplified

Administer your account from one intuitive, integrated dashboard. Manage users, access reporting, security settings and account support with just a few clicks.


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With the Sfax Admin Controls feature, you can quickly and easily manage your Sfax account. Administrators have full control to set access, permissions and security settings, manage users and generate reports. From monitoring your fax usage to adding/deleting new users, all administration can be done from a single, intuitive and integrated dashboard.

Access the Administration Controls Dashboard

You can access all parts of your account from a single dashboard. To get started, select the settings icon within your account. You’ll notice five items on the left menu:

My Profile
Manage Account
Manage Numbers
Manage Users
Manage Integrations

For administrative purposes, the first four are the most important.


Update Your Profile

Updating your profile is simple. Whether you are updating contact information or simply verifying that the data you have is correct, centralized management allows you to efficiently access your profile information.

To update your profile, click on “My Profile.” Here, you can update your name, email, cover page details and more. Just remember to choose "Update" if any changes are made so they are saved within the system.

A user can also update their password, email notification and security preferences from the My Profile portal.


Account Management

In the Account Management section, it’s possible to update information associated with your master account. Simply click on “My Account.” Here you can update your cover page information such as your address and phone number, change time zones, and view more options. Remember to save any changes.


Generate Reports

When you need timely access to fax-volume reporting for billing purposes or to keep track of activity for an audit, Sfax’s reporting features help you find the information you need in just a few clicks.

Under the My Account dashboard, select the “Generate report” button. You can then select the year and month. After clicking submit, you’ll have a CSV file with two tabs. One tab reports on inbound usage and the other reports on outbound usage. Total both tabs for your total counts and to get complete visibility into how your company is using Sfax.


Security Settings and IP Settings

Manage security settings for your users by enabling limits on password expiration, password re-use and failed login attempts, and setting requirements for password strength.

With the “Manage IP Safelist” option, you can enable IP address controls, enter approved IP addresses to your Safelist, and follow a variety of supported formats.

With this tool, you can limit individuals from accessing Sfax outside of a chosen IP address range. Add notes such as “Boston office” so you can see at a glance what specific IP addresses refer to.


Manage Subscription Plans & Billing

You can manage your subscription by choosing Manage Billing. If you use a credit card to pay your bill, you can update it there at any time.

In addition, you can change your plan. For example, if you’ve generated a usage report and find that your needs have changed, you can select a different plan. Simply click the “Change My Plan” button, and that will generate an email to a dedicated account manager who will review the information and send you updated recommendations and details on how to change your plan.


Manage Fax Numbers

The Admin Controls dashboard gives you complete control over your company’s fax numbers.

Choose Manage Numbers. You’ll notice that there are already numbers assigned. Choose records, and you can update the name check status and make notes. You can also see who is assigned to the number. If you want to add a user, just choose incoming or outgoing and add them.

Under Manage Numbers, you can also enable and lock-down notifications for incoming or outgoing faxes. Add everyone to get notifications, or set up specific individuals to be notified as soon as a fax is received or sent from a specific number.

Requesting a new fax number is easy. Under Manage Numbers, simply click the new number icon, which is a small plus sign. A wizard will then pop up with additional information and give you the option to send a request to the support team. They’ll review the request, assign your new number, and get you set up as quickly as possible.

Cloud-Based Fax Solutions Streamline Account Administration

With cloud- faxing solutions, you can streamline your fax administration. Whether you’re accessing reporting information, activating users, digging into audit trails, assigning new fax numbers to a specific location or setting up customized notifications for incoming faxes, Sfax's streamlined management controls provide an integrated solution for account managers. Today’s busy IT teams require the flexibility and tools that cloud faxing provides. Account management can be just as convenient.

Provide simple self-service to fax users so they can easily update their own name or cover letter information. Account managers retain high-level control so it’s easy to update company data, set up a customized company fax sheet, lockdown security features and oversee billing, usage and reporting details.

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