Integrate Secure Faxing into Your Applications with Sfax Fax API

Add secure faxing capabilities to your ERP or CRM application with the Sfax RESTful API.


Integrate Your Business Fax Process with Sfax API

Using a secure, cloud faxing platform gives your organization unparalleled speed and ease to send and receive faxes online via desktop, laptop and even smartphones. Whether you’re tracking down a client’s order or giving your team the ability to fax on the go, a streamlined fax infrastructure makes it easier to achieve your goals. With Sfax RESTful API, it’s possible to bring the power of secure faxing to your most important programs.


Secure Cloud Faxing for Your Application

Using the Sfax RESTful API, it is possible to integrate secure faxing capabilities into your own application. You can submit faxes to be sent, retrieve incoming faxes and collect information about outbound faxes – all within your own application. Whether you support your sales team with CRM data or process orders via an ERP, it’s seamless and safe. Sfax delivers HIPAA-secure cloud faxing that helps eliminate inefficient manual processes while maintaining a secure connection between the programmed application and the Sfax server.


How Sfax API Can Help

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest in storage, so you can feel confident that faxes are delivered to and from your application safely. With Sfax RESTful API, your developers and technical team can leverage a full range of features integrate fax with your ERM system, CRM platform, or other application. These features include:

  • Pass cover page information between applications.

  • Apply and read barcodes.

  • Track individual calls using unique identifiers.

  • Support XML or JSON response payloads.

  • Set your own fax retry attempts if a fax does not process on the first attempt.

  • U.S.-based support to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

  • Fax usage reporting.

  • No hardware required.

  • Encrypted with full 256-bit TLS security and AES algorithms.

  • Sfax servers housed in state-of-the-art SSAE16/SAS 70 Type II secured facilities.

  • Support for inbound and outbound faxing.

  • Send faxes to a single fax number or multiple recipients.

  • Code Samples available for C#(.NET)*, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Sfax API Integration for Critical Compliance Questions

Deploying a cloud fax integration is like having a production-class fax server in-house or in your application – but without the equipment, management hassle or expense. Cloud fax integration helps drive your compliance success by tapping you in to a network of worldwide, geographically redundant fax transport infrastructure. The Sfax RESTful API platform helps your organization comply with rules of federal regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA.


Getting Started with Sfax API Integration

Deeper integration of your fax applications with other parts of your organization’s operations can help speed the sharing of information. To get started with an API integration, sign up for an Sfax account and choose either the Contender or Enterprise plan, both of which provide access to the robust API.

From there, add and activate all the users that will be interacting with the API. Ensure you’ve generated API credentials for each of them.

Use the SendFax method call to send documents from your application to our server to be faxed, or the Receive Inbound Fax call to receive faxes into your application. See: Service Methods and Code Samples.

You'll be able to use our fax cover pages for sending, and you can also apply barcodes if you'd like.

Use the ReceiveOutboundFax method call to get information for all faxes that have 0completed since your last call, or configure Fax Callbacks to be alerted when a fax has been received or has completed sending. We can also read the barcodes on incoming faxes and provide you with that data.

Use the DownloadInboundFax or DownloadOutboundFax method calls to download fax documents in TIF or PDF format when/if needed. See: Service Methods and Code Samples.

Successfully navigating an integration requires having a technical expert or developer on staff who can walk you through the steps. Technical support and account management at Sfax are also available to help you explore any issues that may arise.

Cloud Faxing for Your Applications

In a tech-powered landscape, the fax infrastructure you choose is critical. It can mean the difference between sending and receiving faxes on mobile devices, as well as meeting today’s stringent compliance needs.

Deeper integration enables you to use cloud faxing in a broader range of ways in your applications. Ensure faxed customer information is immediately delivered to CRM users for better customer service to your market. Move away from obsolete analog faxing and embrace the possibility of an Sfax API integration for your applications. The benefits include:

Lower fax overhead in the form of hardware, software, minimal IT time and repairs, and regularly ordered supplies.

Increase the security of faxes sent and received from all applications, thanks to military-grade encryption and secure storage.

Take advantage of features such as notifications that faxes have arrived and automated downloads.

Streamlined administrative controls and oversight on issues like fax totals and individual usage.

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