Digitally sign and annotate faxes with Sfax

Posted: Jul 22, 2013
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One of the main features of Sfax, and one that we often hear from our customers is an extremely useful tool, is the ability to annotate and digitally sign faxes send it on or back to the sender – without the need to print, sign and the scan the paper document.

Sfax gives users the option to annotate their faxes with check marks, text boxes, rectangles, circles or crosses and allows them to digitally sign documents by simply dragging and dropping their chosen mark onto the document. These ‘digital signatures’ are used by thousands of our customers in healthcare and other industries. The annotations can also be edited and re-organized and deleted before sending – all with complete audit trail.

The annotations feature is a productivity tool that is designed to limit time-consuming manual processes and improve workflow. The feature is available on Sfax for Web, Sfax for Windows and Sfax for Mac – and and will also be available in the next version of the Sfax for Mobile Apps. It saves users time and money, whilst reducing their carbon footprint by drastically reducing the amount of paper and ink needed throughout the faxing process.

Sfax also allows users to have a detailed audit trail for every transaction and document sent. Our latest version of Sfax Online Fax for Business, has increased audit control features including a full history of each document for regulatory compliance. This means that a fax can be tracked throughout its entire journey, which is incredibly important to our healthcare customers.

Watch how to sign and send a fax with Sfax in 60 seconds.