Why fax is no longer a thing of the 90s

Posted: Feb 28, 2014
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With its awkward size, manual processes and irritating beeps and whirring sounds you could be forgiven for believing fax is outdated and belongs in the 1990s. However, despite the introduction and development of the internet and email, fax continues to be an important part of everyday communication thanks to the evolution of cloud fax.

Need convincing? Here’s why you should consider fax in today’s modern world;

Your data security
When it comes to sending personal information or sensitive documents, email may seem like the obvious choice, yet it is structurally insecure. With multiple firewalls, ISPs, virus checkers and servers you risk exposing important data to malicious hackers. Modern-day cloud faxing however is encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.

In particular, caution should be taken when sending SSN, medical records, and bank account or credit/debit card details. With cloud fax providers, such as Sfax, you can rest assured knowing that your personal information is safe. For more information on the state-of-the-art security measures taken to ensure your data is protected, click here.

No need for hardware
That’s right, say goodbye to the bulky machines of the past; with the evolution of cloud fax you can send a fax digitally via any device. With the evolution of cloud computing you can fax from anywhere making it the perfect choice for those who travel or work remotely. Plus with easy-to-use apps from Sfax for both iOS and Android you can send, receive and manage documents on-the-go.

Go phone line free
Did you know fax existed before the telephone? The first fax patent dates back to 1843 and after an illustrious relationship with the telephone throughout the 20th century, fax has become self-sufficient with no phone line (or special software) required for cloud fax services. Browser-based faxing means that you can send and receive documents online, direct to your inbox.

No paper-based processes
It would be fair to say that despite its inherent layers of security, manual faxing still holds a risk in that there is no guarantee the intended recipient receives the paper-based document once faxed. Cloud fax puts full control in your hands as all documents can be organized into folders and shared across specific groups of contacts – all with a full audit trail.

Paperless faxing also means that you can become more economical and eco-friendly with no additional ink or paper costs!

Unlimited faxing
By eliminating the need for a phone line, cloud-based faxing also means that users can process as many faxes as necessary at the same time. Busy signals have become a thing of the past as fax servers can process as many faxes as you need at the same time. Be careful to choose a cloud-fax provider that offers transparent fees. Sfax only charges for successfully delivered faxes so you only pay for delivered fax pages.

Fax technology is invaluable to individuals and organizations and most certainly isn’t the old-fashioned, obsolete appliance many have come to believe. Whilst manual faxing may be stuck in the 90s cloud fax is here to stay.