5 Key Features to Look for in a Secure Fax Solution

Posted: Feb 26, 2018
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Cloud faxing offers many advantages over traditional faxing, but choosing a service that’s right for your healthcare business can be a tricky process. From security standards to monthly costs there is much to consider, so to help with the decision process we’ve outlined below five key features that every organization should look out for before signing on the dotted line.

HIPAA Security

For organizations that intend on using cloud fax to transmit electronic protected health information (ePHI) – which the vast majority will – HIPAA security should be the number one consideration. A HIPAA-secure fax solution that is built for healthcare should meet every requirement under HIPAA’s rules to ensure that documents are kept secure at all times. A HIPAA secure fax solution should come equipped with the following privacy and security standards:

● Encryption: All documents should be protected with strong encryption while in transfer and at rest.
● Authentication: Two-factor (Password, PIN) authentication, independent authentication, customizable role-based permissions, IP restricted access, and automatic logoff during inactivity should be utilized to eliminate unwarranted user access.
● Physical security: Servers, storage and databases housed in secure facilities.
● Safeguards: Administrative, technical and physical safeguards, including execution of a Business Associate Agreements (BAA) to support with an organization’s HIPAA compliance.

Audit trails

The rules of HIPAA state that an audit trail must be maintained for every version of a document sent or received via fax. When looking for a secure, HIPAA compliant fax solution for your business, seek a product that will generate a complete audit trail for all activity.

Admin Controls

It’s important for businesses to feel in control of their communications to ensure operations run efficiently and smoothly. The solution lies in a cloud fax service that enables administrators total control, including functionality to delegate access permissions, create security settings, and generate reports.


For organizations working with a remote workforce, cloud faxing helps to streamline workflows by making it possible to send and receive faxes and digitally annotate and sign documents on-the-go from any location, via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Transparent Pricing

Cloud faxing eliminates the costs for ink, paper and technical maintenance that come with traditional fax machines, however to realize the financial benefits of cloud faxing, businesses should be careful to analyze the small print when signing up to a new package, particularly when it comes to “unlimited plans”, which often have hidden costs.

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