How to improve your productivity with cloud faxing

Posted: Dec 31, 2013
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In a fast-paced, modern work environment, organizations and businesses require flexibility. The incredible rate at which technology is progressing means that businesses must adapt to be able to work anywhere and anytime in order to maximize efficiency.

In order to help employees be as efficient as possible, many organizations are abandoning conventional equipment in favor of cloud-based technology, such as cloud fax.

By embracing new services your business or organization can streamline workflow and revolutionize its productivity.

Here are five ways you can improve your productivity with cloud faxing:

1) Digitally annotate your documents
Forget scanning, copying and printing documents, you can save time by annotating your documents online or using your Windows or Mac desktop. With a cloud fax service you can more efficiently manage your documents with collaborators by getting straight to the point with text, crosses, check marks and of course legal signatures.

2) Ensure accountability
Take full control of your account and easily manage user permissions within your business fax account. With a full audit trail you can ensure your colleagues are accountable for their actions reducing follow up time. For example, you can assign who receives email notifications for delivered, received or failed faxes to ensure vital documents are dealt with in a timely fashion.

3) Make use of smart devices
Reduce your downtime and boost your workflow by taking advantage of our online fax service and app for mobile devices. Cloud fax services such as Sfax allow faxes to be sent, received and managed on laptops and Android and iOS mobile devices. The surge in availability of 4G and Wifi hotspots means that work needn’t stop when you’re on the go.

4) Compartmentalize
Organize your faxes into folders. By negating the inconvenience of manual filing of paper documents you can enhance your productivity by accessing your digital documents whilst traveling. Also by managing who can gain access to the documents you can allow for the quick retrieval of information.

5) Avoid downtime
Don’t let your equipment let you down. When physical office equipment malfunctions waiting for an engineer can have a detrimental effect on your business. You can avoid setbacks with online support from cloud fax providers, including support desks, webinars and live system status updates.

Now that the workplace extends beyond the desk and into restaurants, airplanes, trains, meeting rooms and beyond, it is imperative your business adapts to the rapidly changing online work environment.