What Everyone Ought to Know About Cloud Fax and Scalability

Posted: Mar 26, 2015
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At Scrypt we have been preaching the benefits of cloud fax for some time now – yet many are being caught out by ambiguous provider packages. Irrespective of industry the goal for any business is to succeed and with that comes growth – a factor that should be carefully considered when choosing a cloud fax provider.

Scalability is crucial. In recent years overlooked startups have revolutionized their businesses into multi-million dollar companies bolstered by the flexibility of scalable cloud services. Although extra costs are to be expected, with success comes increased revenue balancing out additional outgoings. Sounds good right? But for the reckless complications can arise.

Can you scale up your plan? Here’s a few things to consider:

More organizations in multiple locations?
For any developing business planning for expansion is vital. If your business consists, or is likely to consist, of multiple organizations or sub-organizations make sure to check your plan extends to them also. Irrespective of whether you are a local or national business, it’s advisable to ensure all components of your business are included.

Multiple fax lines?
One line may not be enough for your business. For those looking to use multiple lines, don’t wait to see how you can incorporate these later on down the line – do your research before choosing your provider to avoid unwelcome surprises such as additional costs or disruption to business.

Multiple fax pages?
Beware of any ‘unlimited plans’! You may be charged for part-faxes, odd pages, retries and unsuccessful faxes with some cloud fax providers, meaning costs can quickly mount up. Choose a provider and a plan that only charges you for successfully delivered faxes!

Multiple users?
Why pay more for multiple users? Check that there are no restrictions on the number of users per account or you could end up with extra costs should your workforce expand.

HIPAA Compliancy?
Merges are commonplace across all different types of industries, including cloud fax, so be sure to choose a cloud fax provider that puts security at the forefront of its business. Sfax is HIPAA compliant and strives for unbeatable security at a physical, organizational and the technical level. Regrettably this is not the case for some other cloud providers, placing your sensitive data at risk of a costly breach.

Being prepared for a steady or sudden uplift in business needs is hugely beneficial – whether it be the need for more fax pages, lines or users. Taking the above into consideration be sure to choose a plan that can seamlessly offer a wealth of options and dedicated support.

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