Save up to $19,224 a year with Sfax

Posted: Aug 06, 2013
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Manual faxing is fraught with issues and inefficiencies. It lacks in terms of security, with hard copies easily intercepted by third parties, and is costly in terms of employee time and money spent on physical resources.

However, there is a solution; cloud based faxing like Sfax. Sfax, provides internet enabled faxing and brings numerous advantages to businesses which can save them copious amounts of money in various ways:

  • Energy Saving.  An inevitable result of removing one or many manual fax machines from an office is a reduction in energy consumption and therefore reduced energy bills. By using a computer or mobile device to send and receive faxes, devices that would already be on during working hours as they are obviously used for other tasks leads to more efficient energy usage for businesses and therefore saves them money.
  • Hardware Savings.  Using cloud fax services eliminates capital hardware costs as there is no requirement for fax machines. This in turn reduces energy costs and ongoing maintenance and upgrade expenses.
  • Employee Costs.  Being able to fax through Sfax on your PC or mobile device saves a lot of time compared to manual faxing, which requires leaving your desk in order to use the machine or collect a fax, and has no portability. Being able to send and receive documents via apps such as Sfax increases productivity and efficiency. It also increases organization and streamlines work through easy collaboration. Being able to simultaneously and immediately access and edit documents reduces the number of meetings required and enables employees to work remotely; employees can work from home, from abroad, or from a serviced office, depending on internet connection.
  • Resource Costs.  Cloud faxing saves on physical resources such as paper, ink and toner. Along with employee costs, this can often be one of the biggest expenses for a business when it comes to document transfer and editing. However, this is not always fully appreciated as the cost is spread across the lifetime of the fax machine, rather than as a single outgoing.

Save up to $1,602 a month with Sfax = $19,224 a year

If costs of manual faxing and cloud faxing with Sfax are compared, for an average of 2,500 faxes per month, businesses can save up to $1,602 a month. See our cost comparison tables to see how we calculated these savings.

Clearly for many businesses, this is a huge saving, which can then be used within the business in more productive ways. It also does not take into account the long term savings brought about by economies of scale, reduced energy usage and elimination of capital hardware costs. For any business that currently manually faxes to any sort of volume, Sfax can help streamline the business, improving productivity and saving money.