Security and permissions

Posted: May 06, 2013
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We’ve rolled out some great new features and tweaked a couple of things.


We know Administrators and IT Managers need to control what users can do – what specific actions they can take. This is especially important with team working and collaboration and for compliance reasons. We have created the ability for Accounts Admins to set permissions for users. Right now, the permissions are around faxes and split into two groups:

Working with folders

Admins remove folder permissions around:

  • Deleting fax folders
  • Renaming Fax Folder
  • Move Fax Folder
  • Empty Fax Folder

Working with faxes

Admins can remove fax permissions around:

  • Delete Faxes
  • Move Faxes
  • Export Faxes
  • Print Faxes

In each case, the permission will be active the next time that User logs in. And if they are already logged in, they need to log out and in again for them to take affect. We’re building out support materials to explain it better. When the permission has been removed for a specific action then that icon (and link) will not be seen – instead there will be an empty space.

This is just the start. We are building out more permissions across other areas. Got a great idea? Then suggest a new feature.

Manage subscription

We have added a link to our PCI-compliant billing system to enable you manage your subscription, update credit card details, get copies of your invoices and (if you wish) cancel your subscription. Enter your email address to receive billing password retrieval instructions. You’ll find it under ‘Account summary’ in the left hand menu.


We have changed the labels on the options in security preferences. In each case, ‘enabled’ is more secure than ‘disabled’.

  • Forced password resets. This will be launched very soon and if enabled will force Users to change passwords every set time period to meet compliance requirements.
  • 2-step verification. This is two-step or two-factor authentication that adds an additional layer of security requiring a PIN to access your account. Talk to us before you activate.
  • Prevent ‘Remember me’. This prevents the standard ‘remember me’ in the web browser, on the desktop and mobile devices.