Sfax vs Fax Servers

Posted: Oct 22, 2013
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Online fax is the next step in the evolution of communication. Flexibility and security are just two of the many advantages Sfax has over more traditional communication channels. Sfax reduces the capital expenditure associated with the installation and management of traditional fax servers, making for a streamlined and cost-effective solution for businesses.

Historically, the use of fax servers has involved the installation and on-site maintenance of physical telecommunications equipment. This involves considerable time and manpower in the first place, but the costs continue long after the system is installed. Software and hardware maintenance, as well as monthly phone line and numbers charges, all add up, making fax servers restrictive for small businesses.

Hardware problems involve the need for a specialist fax server technician to repair, maintain and upgrade systems, which can lead to a lengthy downtime in which the fax service is unusable.

When providing for industries such as healthcare and legal, which require consistent use of fax for the day-to-day running of businesses, the impracticalities are far-reaching.

Fax servers therefore quickly become more of a hindrance than an asset to an organization.

In contrast, Sfax offers flexibility for organizations of all shapes and sizes. With no hardware installation there is no capital expenditure, acquisition costs of equipment, or any ongoing maintenance fees. SecureCare’s IT personnel maintain Sfax’s servers, allowing businesses peace of mind to concentrate on what’s important.

With better than 99.9% uptime fast delivery and receipt rates, Sfax is ideal for time-sensitive information and transmitting high image quality documents.

Unlimited fax capacity and no additional charges allow users to customize Sfax to suit their needs. The availability of Sfax on mobile and tablet devices mean the service is available wherever you need it, without the restrictions of fax machines and slow transmission times.

Secure and flexible, Sfax is a cost-effective communication solution for all situations.