When is it smarter to fax or email?

Posted: Dec 29, 2013
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When discussing the merits of cloud faxing services like Sfax, invariably the question will arise: “But can’t I just send an email?”

On the surface, Sfax may seem a little like email, sending messages from both the browser version and iOS and Android apps just like email. However there are crucial differences in security which often make cloud fax the more desirable option.

But how can you tell when it is smarter to fax or email? Here are four common scenarios to be mindful of:

Situation One: Sending sensitive information
Solution: fax

When sending a message of any kind, the sensitivity of the information should be taken into consideration. Sfax is HIPAA compliant, meaning the service includes multiple layers of security in order to protect data. As such it is ideal for healthcare organizations and other industries that handle protected health information (PHI) on a regular basis.

Situation Two: Sending internal messages
Solution: email

If you want to arrange a meeting, ask a colleague for a favor, or just send a funny work-related joke, then email is the best tool for the job. Day-to-day internal messages that don’t disclose sensitive information are perfectly suited for email. Email is inherently insecure, as the messages are viewed multiple times by firewalls and virus checkers along the way. As such any protected information, either in the body of the message or in any attachments, could be compromised and should never be included in an email.

Situation Three: Sending client records between organizations
Solution: fax

If your work involves liaising with other departments, offices, or even other organizations, then fax is ideal should the messages include confidential information. For example, say a physician needs to send a patient’s health records, along with his personal recommendations, to a specialist. As the patient’s record is protected information, secure fax is the best way to send this across. Sfax would allow the physician to send the fax with attached records, as well as digitally sign and annotate the message.

Situation Four: Sending a message whilst travelling
Solution: fax or email

In today’s fast-paced world of business and technology, often people need to send and receive messages at a moment’s notice from anywhere in the world. While traveling, the use of smart phones and tablets has allowed instantaneous communication through email and cloud fax apps.

Deciding which one to use again depends on the nature of the information – if it is a simple message or reminder, then email will suffice. However if protected information is involved, then Sfax internet faxing is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing for secure sending and receiving of data anywhere there is an online connection.