Tim Rowan believes in Sfax for home care

Posted: Jun 10, 2011
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OK, we know it Christmas but we’re starting to blush now. Long-term home care technology commentator, Tim Rowan, took Sfax for a test drive and liked what he found.

He comments: “Communicating with physicians has always been a concern for home health care. Privacy requirements limit acceptable communication media and timely cooperation from physicians rests heavily on how convenient the agency can make it for them to review, sign and return documents.”

Tim continues speaking about Sfax: “Email and open fax machines present privacy risks. Secure email systems can be expensive. A hybrid solution that met both privacy and physician convenience requirements would be ideal if it were affordable. Over the last several weeks, we test drove one (Sfax) that may come close.”

In conclusion, Tim talks about being an industry-leader by using Sfax: “There is little or no downside to becoming a pioneer, sending and receiving secure documents to and from standalone fax machines, while waiting for the rest of your network to catch up to you.”

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Since 1998, Tim Rowan has been home care’s most trusted technology reporter and analyst. After expanding his newsletter’s coverage area and writing staff in 2009, Tim continues to cover breaking news and provide in-depth analysis and product reviews that home care and hospice leaders need.