Why choose a secure online fax service?

Posted: Sep 26, 2013
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From small startups to giant corporations, communication is the key to any successful business. Uniting departments and organizations across any distance, fax is a long-standing, reliable method of transferring messages and data. Some may say there is no space for fax in the digital age, but this is far from the truth. Online fax is alive and well, and there are numerous reasons why it is a valuable addition to any company.

Security & HIPAA compliance
Undoubtedly, the security of cloud fax is what sets it apart from other methods of communication. Security is an ever-pressing issue especially when it comes to the handling of sensitive information, but cloud faxing with a service such as Sfax is well-suited to putting users’ concerns to rest.

With a range of physical, organizational and technical measures in place to protect the data processed, security was our highest priority when developing Sfax. Regarding the importance of sensitive information, Sfax is well placed to handle users’ data.

Sfax is HIPAA compliant, and our employees have undergone comprehensive checks and HIPAA training. A Compliance Officer is employed to ensure that the data of Sfax users receives the utmost protection.

Sfax accounts come with a wealth of options. Organizations can tailor their accounts to their business needs, adding multiple fax lines and users to the same plan. Security settings, access, permissions and reports can be adjusted by administrators who have full control of the accounts.

Enhanced searching and filtering can be implemented, and accounts can be accessed from mobile devices on the go, wherever there is access to the internet. Sfax gives users full flexibility in order to tailor their faxing to whatever their business needs are.

Although it may be tempting to rely on email for the transmission of documents, the inherent security of fax makes for a reliable and efficient communication service. Digital may be the future, but fax is by no means being left behind.

Superior performance
Unlike fax servers, lower-grade online services or manual fax machines, Sfax enables users to send and receive unlimited faxes at the same time. It also allows users to drag and drop annotations, check marks, text boxes, rectangles, circles or crosses and also digital signatures (that meet government requirements) onto the page they are sending.

Sfax also allows users to find and manage their contacts into groups and share them across the organization if they need / choose to.