Integrate secure faxing into your application with Sfax v3 API

Posted: Aug 21, 2013
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With Sfax v3 API comes the tools and assistance needed for a company or individual to develop an app that works with Sfax. If you ever want to harness the power of cloud faxing, the RESTful API allows you to integrate faxing into healthcare software and applications from any industry concerned about sensitive information and enterprise-level performance.

But what exactly is an API? A software-to-software application-programming interface is a set of programming instructions and standards that allow a user to integrate a software application such as Sfax. We have released the API of Sfax to allow third-party developers to implement secure faxing into their applications.

Check out the service methods then discover the sample code that is available in all the major programming languages – C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and Java – which make life easy for your developers when they’re integrating Sfax into your application.

Security is at the heart of what we do. The new Sfax v3 has upgraded security features and uses AES encryption. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a worldwide standard for the encryption of data. When the algorithm was first devised, a number of designs were presented, with Rijndael being selected as the winning choice. It was tested extensively against criteria including encryption and decryption speeds, and resistance to attacks. Now it is the universal standard for encrypting classified documents for governments and organizations concerned about security, and when coupled with HIPAA compliance makes Sfax a secure choice for any business handling sensitive information.

We have a range of resources available to developers looking to make the most of the Sfax API, from FAQs to advice and samples of applications using Sfax. We are here to help developers navigate their way to integrating Sfax seamlessly into their apps, so if you need pricing then be sure to make an inquiry with our sales team. We’ve done the majority of the hard work to make life easy for our customers and there’s great documentation and sample code available so your development team could be faxing from your applications within hours (the record is 78 minutes!). Get more information by visiting our Developers Center.