Sfax: AdvantEdge Healthcare

Posted: Mar 28, 2015
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Company Background

AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (AdvantEdge) was founded in 1999 and is a technology-enabled provider of medical billing, informatics, and expertise serving hospital-based physicians, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and large office-based groups. With AdvantEdge services, customers experience increased net collections, reductions in Accounts Receivable and improved compliance.


“We had a new client that could only fax its reports to us and when we calculated the cost of using a physical fax machine, it would cost us several thousand dollars per month. We knew we needed an electronic fax solution, but many of the services we found required a dedicated person to login to a portal and email or download the reports – another resource we just couldn’t spend. We needed a ‘hands-free’ download solution and SecureCare was the only one able to provide that,” Daniel Girard, Senior Software Developer, AHS.

“We searched for months and there is no one else out there doing what SecureCare does.” says Daniel Girard, Senior Software Developer, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions. He continues: “I recommend Sfax to anyone who needs a stable, secure, unattended fax service,” and concludes: “At such a low cost per page, the decision to use Sfax was easy.”


The Sfax Windows Service provides AdvantEdge with the cost-effective, “hands-free” service it needs to support the arrival of 10,000 to 15,000 pages per month from its new client. The system was easy for AdvantEdge to set up and begin using and allows them to take an electronic version of the fax and send it to their coders at a low cost per page.


  • Using a secure electronic fax provider allows AdvantEdge to avoid the high cost and staff resources required to maintain a physical fax machine
  • AdvantEdge can support the high page volume without additional staff support
  • Implementing Sfax has saved the cost of one full-time person every month – an estimated $34,000 every year.