Sfax: Morley Companies

Posted: Mar 28, 2015
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Company Background

Since 1863, Morley Companies has provided customers with services in the areas of group travel, business theater, interactive, research, exhibits, displays and experiences and performance improvement. Morley prides itself on delivering custom, integrated solutions to its customers.


“Our motto is ‘moving people to move mountains’ and to do that efficiently, we need to use products that provide us the greatest value with the greatest ease. Our previous fax provider was not delivering this and we knew that keeping our own private fax server would require additional time and effort. We wanted a fax solution that was efficient, cost-effective and easy for us to maintain,” said Ted Birnbaum, IT Solutions Manager, Morley Companies.


SecureCare’s Sfax product meets Morley’s needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Currently, Morley is using eight fax lines for its average volume of 10,000 faxes and is anticipating additional lines in the coming months.

Sfax has provided a simple, powerful way to manage fax workflow that was very easy to implement and manage. Sfax delivers transparent, cost effective pricing that demonstrates value every day.

Results and future

Cost-effective fax solution that was easy to implement and easy to manage. Already using eight Sfax lines, Morley plans to expand in the coming months.