Cloud faxing

For ‘technophobic’ businesses moving to cloud fax can seem like a daunting task. For smaller businesses, perhaps without an IT department, or organizations in industries with complicated security and compliance requirements, such as healthcare, it’s easy to believe that moving to a cloud fax provider could be complicated and costly. Yet, it couldn’t be easier!

All that cloud fax requires is a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity to send documents to another user, whether they use computer, tablet or smartphone. The immediately accessible nature of cloud fax means that whether you’re a single employee working remotely or a healthcare professional working across departments within a large organization, your documents are there when you need them.

Cloud fax has several advantages over traditional faxing methods. Sfax is an inherently secure method for sending sensitive information – unlike email. Thanks to a host of physical, organizational and the technical measures, you can rest assured that any personal data will remain secure.

For organizations considering a remote workforce, cloud fax allows you to send and receive faxes outside of the office environment. With the ability to digitally annotate and sign documents on-the-go via a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the office no longer has four walls.

The process of moving to a cloud fax system is simple. Following a short sign-up process users have access to a secure, password protected portal, behind which is a control panel allowing users to view fax lines, manage contacts, access cover page templates and document libraries.

Moving to cloud fax doesn’t break the bank either. Save time and money by choosing monthly or yearly plans. Subscription based payment plans provide flexibility to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Online, and therefore paperless faxing eliminates the need for ink, paper and technical maintenance of fax machines and servers, saving businesses a considerable amount of money.

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