Download Service for High Volume Inbound Faxing

(For Windows Operating systems. Available to customers on plans of $99/month and higher)

This service allows you to securely download faxes as PDF or TIF into a folder on your local server or desktop machine. You can then set access permissions at the local folder level, and users will not have to log in to the web-portal to access and export faxes. You can enable fax notifications as normal to let users know when faxes have arrived.

The faxes will also be available in the web portal as a backup. If your local service goes down or your lose internet connectivity, we can restart the Download service and download any faxes that you missed.

How to set up

Submit a support request to our Customer Service Team at [email protected] and let them know that you’d like to enable this feature. Support will work with you to configure the service, install it, and test it to make sure faxes are coming into the folder as they are received.

Technical stuff

Download services, also called service applications, are applications that run on Windows computers regardless of whether a user is logged in. A download service includes an executable file, a directory for storing application components, and registry settings that define the service parameters. A download service can be started automatically when the system is booted or manually with a service control program. An internet connection is required.

The service collects faxes securely using an authenticated Transport Layer Security (TLS) port 443 connection. Once the proper authentication and key exchange has occurred, the web service will download the encrypted faxes in a base 64 binary encoded format that corresponds to the document type specified in the config.xml file and decodes the base 64 binary on the local computer to the actual document type (ie. PDF or TIF). The service can be installed on Server 2008 (R2), Server 2012, and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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