What’s new with Sfax?

October 17, 2016

New Sfax for iOS

You asked and we listened. Many of you mentioned you would like to be able to send faxes from your mobile devices and we agree! We will soon release a new app that will include the ability to compose a fax from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) so you can fax from anywhere at any time. In addition to sending faxes, the application will allow you to view and organize received faxes, print faxes, add/view notes, access your Document Library and much more . img_6753 img_6754 img_6755

July 19, 2016

Scrypt, Inc. Announces Integration Partnership with Citrix ShareFile for Healthcare

ShareFile is the solution of choice for doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers who need file sharing and management. If you work in healthcare you know that faxing is still an integral part of daily operations. Faxing protected health information via the traditional machine can open yourself up to a security breech. With the new Sfax integration you can choose a HIPAA secure, cloud based fax service to deliver your documents safely and securely. Learn more about the integration.

July 24, 2016

We recently sent out a survey to get your feedback on Sfax. Thank you again to those that participated. We realized we may not have been as clear about certain features as we had thought. We were able to make some quick improvements for now and we will continue to make improvements based on the feedback provided.

Many of you mentioned that you wanted the ability to search for contacts on the Compose Fax screen so you didn’t have to scroll through all contacts to locate a particular one. This feature has been in place all along however, we weren’t clear on how to use it so we tweaked the message a bit. The field highlighted below will allow you to search for existing contacts or enter a fax number you wish to fax that is not a saved contact.

Sfax Screenshot

Another feature that was mentioned many times was our “Remember Me” option upon login . Many of you stated this feature did not work but that is not the case. For security reasons that feature must be enabled before you are able to use it. To enable this feature view this article.

May 22, 2016

Move your fax number to Stak

Some of you have requested to move your fax number to our latest product, Stak, and we now have the ability to do so. Stak is a HIPAA secure document platform for healthcare and allows you to store, share, and enhance documents. For more information about Stak check out our documentation by visiting our Help Desk. If you choose to move your number to Stak, your faxes previously sent and received in Sfax will remain in your Sfax account and we’ll provide access to those faxes for one year, or longer if you choose. If you’re interested in moving your fax number to Stak contact us at manage@scrypt.com.

Sfax delivers Sent and failed faxes to Box (NYSE: BOX)

Previously Sfax only delivered inbound faxes to your Box account. Great news, we’ve expanded this integration to also include Sent and Failed faxes. In order to deliver Sent and Failed faxes to your Box account you’ll need to map each (or both) to a Box folder. For more information on how to perform these actions see our documentation.

Apr 10, 2016

Enhanced Search

When we released this version of Sfax the search was limited to only the selected folder of your fax number. We’ve enhanced the search criteria and now allow you to include all sub-folders if searching within the inbox and the ability to include sent and failed faxes within one search.

Resellers can edit account numbers

When creating a new organization, resellers now have the ability to set the account number for their customer. If no account number is specified, Sfax will set one for you. Account numbers can be edited at any time.

Feb 21, 2016

Sfax for Web

Introducing Sfax 4.0

The updates include:

  • New user interface – Read more about the color change here.
  • Improved sort features within folders – Sorting is now unique within each folder.
  • General bug fixes
  • 2-factor verification can now be enabled across all platforms (Sfax for Web, Windows, and mobile viewer)
  • Ability to cancel faxes in your Outbox

Sfax for Windows

A new version of Sfax for Windows (printer driver) can be downloaded here. You told us what you wanted and most of the updates below are in direct response to those requests.

  • You are in control! When we launched Sfax for Windows with the print driver for Version 3 we thought you’d like us to auto-save your documents if you closed after printing the document to the Sfax driver, but that wasn’t always the case. Now when you close the driver, we’ll give you the option to ‘Save’ or ‘Discard’. It’s totally in your control; the way it should be.
  • Who’s logged in? We now display the username so there is never a doubt about who is logged in.
  • Help getting started. Occasionally your new users may need a little extra help getting started so we’ve added support articles and videos to the sign-in screen.
  • Colors! We’ve updated the app to be in line with the web app.
  • No shortcuts. Some new users have been confused because the shortcut that is installed on the desktop prompts them to log in instead of printing to the driver first to get started. To resolve this, we’ve eliminated the shortcut.
  • We’ll handle it. Our new installer includes auto-updates, so you don’t have to worry about checking the website to make sure you have the latest version.
  • Printing large files. We fixed a bug that was preventing users on certain systems from printing files over 100 pages to the driver. While we don’t recommend faxing documents over 100 pages, if you have the recipient’s consent, you have the ability to do so now.
  • Annotating rotated documents. We have had reports of some documents faxing out with annotations in a different place than they were added. We’ve traced the problem to annotating on rotated pages. To prevent any mishaps, we have removed the ability to annotate pages that have been rotated.
  • Preview our latest version here.

Visit our Help desk to view documentation and watch video tutorials.

Feb 11, 2016

We’re excited to announce that in the coming weeks Sfax will get a “face-lift”. Check out this video. The updates include:

  • New user interface
  • Improved sort features within folders
  • General bug fixes
  • Updated print driver

Stay tuned for more information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Account Management team at manage@scrypt.com.

Jan 8, 2016

Outbound faxes

  • When you send a fax to multiple recipients you will now see a separate entry for each recipient in the outbox. Before, faxes to multiple recipients only created one entry so you could not get individual status information.
  • You can now see the fax image in the out box. Before, when faxes were sending you could not see the actual image.
  • You can now see the status of each fax in the outbox as it is being sent so you’ll know if it’s waiting for a retry, how many attempts have already been made, etc.
  • You can now see the results of each attempt (we retry up to 6 times) by clicking on the blue “i” icon from the Outbox, Failed or Sent folders.
  • Faxes sent through Sfax for windows (print driver) now show all of the same information that faxes sent through the website show, so you can tell who the fax is being sent to, etc.. Before, when the fax was sent through Sfax for windows only said “Sent from Sfax print driver”.

Managing users

  • We’ve added a note to activation emails letting your users know that they have 72 hours to activate their user account.
  • Users can now choose to use their own “user”phone number instead of the Account phone number on their cover pages. Account admins can make this change for them, or Account admins can give the permission to individual users to manage that themselves.
Sept 1, 2015

The new Sfax mobile viewer is now available.

With our new Sfax branding, we decided to redesign and rebuild the app from the ground up starting with this Sfax viewer.

App Store Google Play

This new version has improved viewer quality with pinch and zoom functionality.

You can also attach notes to documents, which are also tracked in an audit trail for increased HIPAA compliance. In order to maintain compliance, users will not be able to download files to their device.

The Sfax mobile viewer gives you a new UI with improved performance, stability and security. More updates will be added in the coming months with plans to add forward, reply and send functionality soon.

Aug 3, 2015

We have updated the Sfax web application to remove Flash dependency for the fax viewer, login page, forgot and reset password page. Read this article to understand our overall perspective and plans.

Jul 29, 2015

Discover seven distinct reasons why the Sfax platform is Ready for the future.

Mar 22, 2015

From Account Summary

Account Admins can now set account level password requirements such as:

  • Password strength (3 options)
  • Forced password resets (one time or after a length of time)
  • Prevent re-use of passwords for a length of time
  • Lock account after multiple failed login attempts

IP Safe Lists

Add a single ip address or a range and we’ll fail any login attempt outside of those entered.

For API Customers

Account Admins with the permission to manage api credentials now have the option to receive Fax Callbacks for faxes that have been received or completed outbound. If you do not have this permission and would like to have it, please contact support. You will need to be an Account Admin.

Jan 19, 2015

Web Portal

New users

Account admins can now instantly activate users instead of sending an email to the user to activate. From the New User screen you will just click “Activate now” and then a pop up window will enable you to enter the user’s password. You can also go back and click an “Activate” button from the Manage User screen if a user has been added but not yet activated.


Username rules have been updated to be consistent across all Add/edit user methods, such as signup, Account admin created and System admin created. As a refresher: Username rules: 6 or more characters, no spaces or special characters other than _ – @ . (underscore, dash, at-sign, period). Password rules: 8 or more characters.

Adding fax number

When an admin clicks on the Add new fax number icon from the web portal, you will get the pop up with information, be prompted to click Next and then an email to support will populate asking you for your account credentials and asking how many fax lines you are requesting. You previously had to go to the support desk and create a support ticket.

Adding sub-orgs

New sub-org will default to the parent org’s time zone and industry sector; however the admin can choose to change these if you’d like.

Email addresses

Email address now allows “+” sign since Recurly allows it as part of the signup process.

Add user

See Additional Add user info under “API stuff” section below, related only to api users.


The link to support from the app has been updated to http://scrypt.com.


When adding a document from the document library as part of the compose process you can now use the search field. That was previously not active.



Account admins with the “Manage Web API permissions” will now be able to generate your own api credentials. You will need to be granted this permission by support.

Method calls

API customers will now be able to pass optional parameters to override the info that is populated onto the cover pages for: From name, From phone, and time zone.